Colonoscopy Prep 

Colonoscopy Prep

The colonoscopy preps are the patient's responsibility and he or she must do what the doctor advises to. A colonoscopy is an endoscopic examination of the colon and small bowel with a camera inserted through the anus.

Colonoscopies are performed in order to gain visual information whether the patient has colon or small bowel related problems such as ulceration or polyps. If the prep colonoscopy has not been done properly the test results are not conclusive and therefore the examination was useless in the first place. Here is what you should do in order to successfully prepare for colonoscopy.

The most important in colonoscopy bowel prep is the diet. Patients undergoing colonoscopies are recommended to consider several changes in their diet three to four days prior to the examination. The bowel must however be empty for the exam.

What to Eat

Doctors recommend that during colonoscopy bowel prep the patient does not eat heavy solid food. On the other hand they are advised to consume lighter meals starting with the fourth day before the procedure. Thus, the prep colonoscopy includes eating light meat, easy to digest such as chicken but without the skin. Patients are also recommended to eat potatoes, cheese, eggs, fish and light clear soups.

The solid food should be eliminated from the diet within the next two days after this has been started. A manual or dietary cleanse is also often advised to ensure complete elimination of stools and other solids from the intestines prior to the procudure. A supplement assisted cleaning may be an option using one of the better known brands such as DigestIt colon cleanse for example. This is of course not mandatory, but occasionally advised as a further precaution.

Patients are advised to have a lighter breakfast the day when the procedure is performed. An example of light breakfast is eggs on white toast. Even after the procedure patients are not allowed to eat any kind of solid food.


Prep for colonoscopy also includes increasing the fluid intake so the patient maintains well hydrated. This is perhaps the most important part of the preparation for a colonoscopy. Patients can consider consuming some of the following liquids that the doctors recommend before the examination to prevent or reverse dehydration: water, plain tea, apple or white grape juice, coffee, ginger ale, soup broth or strained fruit juices. Patients can also have sport drinks (Gatorade but not red or Lucozade) or weak Oxo, Bovril or Marmite.

Here are some food and drinks that patients must avoid when preparing for colonoscopy test. Firstly foods that contain too much fiber or dark colored drinks must be removed from the diet. There is a possibility that this type of food and beverages may stick to the walls of the digestive tract and make them difficult to be differentiated from blood.

Keep in mind to stay away from red meat, rice or nuts and also vegetables. Do not drink milk or milk based creams and fluids. Also cereals, whole grain pasta, bran, seeds fruits or Jell-O must be avoided in a colonoscopy preparation diet.

Colonoscopy preps do not end until four hours before the exam when the patients should not drink any fluids. If the patient suffers any kind of abdominal pains or nausea during the preparation stage, a doctor should be consulted. You can read more about performing a natural, diet-based colon cleanse at if you ned more information on the subject.